Dr Google and Dr You

Southern Spinal Care

I’m sure most of you have used Google to investigate many questions from what should you eat today to health concerns and diseases. Google is an amazing source of information and most of us use it. So, when you have a health concern and you google a result there are so many answers that lead to more answers and more investigations. Before you know it, its midnight and you have only just scratched the surface, and you began this serious investigation early morning. Some will say this is really interesting and they wish they had become a doctor or health professional. The journey is so captivating that they realise there is a lot to this.

The really thorough investigator will continue for days and have so much information they become the authority among friends and family. That then boosts them to continue because everyone loves the conversations. Then at some point in time they will burn out because nothing really links up with all this knowledge and then fatigue sets in and then the comment, “now I understand why doctors train for so many years to understand how the body functions”. By all means use Google and come to your doctor with all the questions if that makes you feel comfortable. if you want to experiment with all the answers do so, but do you really want to waste time. What is your time worth?

What we do as doctors is to sift through all the information which is coming to us daily and analysing the studies, the results and also implementing these procedures on patients for years and practically seeing the results.

Its our job to summarise for you all our knowledge and to give you the best procedure and course of action for a health concern in a short period of time. Our job is not easy but we are armed with a lot of knowledge.

So, between Dr Google and your doctor I am sure we can find a compromise!