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How does a Doctor of Chiropractic examine you?
How does Applied Kinesiology fit into the examination?

I have post graduate studies in Applied Kinesiology and this involves testing many aspects of a patient’s health system.

Applied Kinesiology that was developed by Dr George Goodheart is an analysis system that examines the Triad of health.

The Triad is Structure, Chemical and Mental.

In summary a persons health issues can be found in :

STRUCTURE –  the way the body is Aligned can affect nerve systems and organ efficiency

CHEMICAL – Foods or nutrients for body health

MENTAL  – Emotional issues that affect health via the brain and nerves systems that control all body parts

Advice will be given to you in all these areas if it is important to help your health issue. Most people have imbalances in all these 3 systems. It will be in these three areas that are the cause of most problems.

If you are a person who uses their body manually like a tradesman then you may have STRUCTURAL issues.
Faulty DIETS are an issue most people have, so, imbalances here are going to be found.
Mental issues are STRESS that everyone has to some degree, however, it will depend on how you cope with it that creates a health issue.

You are analysed to determine the reason behind your symptoms or advising you to prevent symptoms.

Next time I will discuss how each of these areas are examined.