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LOSE 5 – 20 KG in 6 months.

Last week I discussed a very simple way to lose weight.
I personally lost 10kg in 6 months and I did not feel I was really over weight. That was 3 years ago. I was always hungry. I now almost have to remember to eat and have to force myself to eat so as not to lose too much weight. I am happy with my weight now and find it very easy to maintain.

Not consuming Wheat or Cow products (milk and cheese) does stop inflammation in the gut and elsewhere and that stops hunger. If you don’t stop inflammation you will remain hungry. This is why other types of diets do not address the inflammation issue, instead they get you to count calories. If you are not hungry all the time you wont be worried about calorie counting. You will eat what you need for your energy expenditure for the day. This is because you have control of the brain centre for hunger by stopping inflammation.

The 5 foods I mentioned to eat, at least one of those every day, was to feed the good bacteria in the gut. The GOOD GUT BACTERIA will also control inflammation and hence your hunger.

All of the people who have changed their lifestyle eating to what I have mentioned have said ” I find this eating style very easy to maintain compared to other diets. I have not been hungry and I don’t crave the bad foods anymore.”

This system is truly addressing the main cause of weight problems….INFLAMMATION caused by rubbish foods and then that stops … ADDICTION to those foods.

Below is the previous email I sent for eating correctly for weight issues.