PROBLEM Recurring

Southern Spinal Care

Have you ever wondered why similar problems recur.
Why does this thing keep coming back?

Well, there are a few reasons and some are obvious but they don’t cross your mind.

Lets examine a few, and there are only a few.

1. You keep repeating the same bad behaviour to your body.

2. The problem hasn’t been totally corrected.

It’s the job of the doctor to delve into and find out what you could possibly be doing to keep recurring a problem. Some of your daily activities could be normal to you because no one has told you what is the correct way to lift or sit or exercises that could be detrimental.

Its also the job of the doctor to tell you the best course of treatment and how much treatment you require. The intensity of treatment makes a difference to your outcome. The follow up health and spine checks are also essential.

If you don’t have pain does not mean you don’t have a problem. For example, heart disease can take 20 years to develop. Bowel cancer can take a lifetime to develop from faulty food habits.

So, testing you will find what problems are evident before they become a large problem.

Please keep these principles in mind when we are examining and treating you.

Your Health is your greatest asset.