If an ache, pain, or other obvious symptom has prompted you to begin chiropractic care, the first thing you want is to feel better. Office visits will be frequent, and your adjustments may be combined with other procedures to help offer relief. Depending on your age, condition, and lifestyle, repeated visits over weeks or months may be needed to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.


Muscle and other soft tissue damage often remain after your original symptoms have improved. Visit frequency is reduced and you may be encouraged to supplement your care with exercises or other self-care procedures. With your ache or pain gone, more complete healing can occur. Stopping care now may risk a relapse.


When maximum improvement is reached, periodic chiropractic “checkups” are recommended. These wellness visits can detect and help correct new problems before they become serious. Health-conscious adults choose this type of care for themselves and their children. Like other preventative measures, wellness care can save time and money by helping you stay well. Periodic mechanical inspections can detect problems and breakdowns before they become serious.