The Neck – headache link.

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While it is perhaps entirely unsurprising, it is nonetheless noteworthy that a number of basic science research studies have linked neck pain to headaches. As Chiropractic has a proven record with neck pain, and many chiropractic patients present with such complaints.

In 2017, The Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics published an article looking at the effects of upper cervical ( neck) mobilisation on cervical range of motion and headache symptoms. It was a randomised controlled trial involving 82 volunteers with cervogenic headaches. The study looked specifically at pressure pain thresholds from C2-C3 (top 2 neck vertebrae) , subocciptal  muscles, and trapezius muscles. The study found that “upper cervical translatoric spinal mobilisation intervention increased upper, and exhibited a tendency to improve general, cervical range of motion and induce immediate headache relief in subjects with cervicogenic headaches.”

This is an excerpt from “The Case For Chiropractic ” published by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

If you suffer headaches or know someone who does maybe try Chiropractic Care Management, beats than taking pills for the rest of your life.