Treatment Goals.

Southern Spinal Care

Every person has a different body shape and makeup and a different lifestyle. The lifestyle creates various forces on the body and reactions peculiar to that body shape and makeup.

No person will have an identical problem in the spine or body. It may appear to be in the same area, however, is peculiar for the reasons above mentioned.

So, when a we design a treatment program for you it’s peculiar to you and your circumstances.

It’s also not how many treatments we do, but, more how many in a period of time to get the best result. For example, if you put on a set of braces on teeth you can’t put them on for a week then take them off for a week and then keep doing that and expecting your teeth to be corrected. Our treatment programs designed for you are specific and similar to braces on teeth. Stop start treatments are very limited in results. It must be consistent at first and no missing treatments as the results are not favorable.

Hope this helps to understand the importance of sticking to your appointments in the period of time scheduled.