Workstation Ergonomics.

Southern Spinal Care

After several lockdowns from COVID-19 and 2 years spent working from home for some – working in hybrid settings such as a combination of working from home and in the office has certainly become the norm. Never in the history of modern work, have working professionals had the opportunity to have such a fluid opportunity to work anywhere including cafes, parks, libraries, or the beach to even on holidays.
A study completed by Australian Unions found that a staggering 42% of Australians working from home do not have a suitable workstation or even the correct equipment when working from home.


1. Use an adjustable ergonomic office chair that allows your knees to be slightly lower than your hips.
2. Sitting with an upright posture, with shoulders relaxed and feet flat on the floor.
3. Adjusting your monitor height to eye level and monitor distance at arms length from where you are sitting.
4. Taking regular postural breaks every 30 minutes.